Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) Community Wiki

Welcome, this is the place where official documentation and community assistance for the Open Dynamics Engine project come to rest. This wiki is not the place for All Things ODE, for that go to ODE’s official website, additionally check out the other links at the bottom of the page.


Manual : This is the ODE user manual, based on Russell Smith’s original official manual.
FAQ : That question is itching at the back of your mind, but guess what, we already have the answer!
‘HOWTO’ Tutorials : Comprehensive guides to describe how to achieve results such as “how do I make a working 4-wheeled vehicle” or “what’s a good method for approximating a character in a game environment?”.
Getting Help : Couldn’t find what you wanted on ODE’s main site or in this Wiki? Fear not, there’s a vibrant community out there that might just be able to lend you a hand.
Development : Want the latest bleeding-edge source? Want to know more about ODE’s internals? Got a patch to check in? Here’s where to look! The roadmap and plan for future releases are also located here so you can see what exciting new features are on the horizon!
Changelog : Here you will find descriptions of changes between official releases. You should definitely read this if you are planning to update your code to use a new ODE release.
Heap : This is the scrapbook, where stuff goes before its organized into one of the better sections.
Products that use ODE : Some products that use ODE as part of engine.

Helping Out
Since this is a Wiki, you can help out and edit a page to improve it! If you’ve looked around, you have probably noticed that there are a number of things that can be improved. How about giving us a hand?

Flesh out a tutorial, like the one about making a stable 4-wheeled vehicle, or keeping an upright capsule.
The Manual has been broken up into smaller sections, but each need a nice cosmetic cleanup!
You’ll probably notice a number of things are outdated, here’s a list of those that have already been marked as such. If you have up-to-date info, edit!
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